Kerala-based Synthite Group, the global leader in Spice Oils Oleoresins and other plant-derived natural products, in partnership with Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT) will soon set up a world-class education, research and innovation-driven institution in the name of eminent industrialist Late C V Jacob, the founder of Synthite Group. The institute has been named ‘C V Jacob Centre for Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology (CMESB).

Synthite aspires to develop CMESB into a global Center of Excellence for Education, Research, Technology and Enterprise in Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology. These two areas are known for their potential to expand and accelerate the possibilities of the Biotechnology Industry. Metabolic engineering is an area of biotechnology, where microorganisms are manipulated to produce valuable substances such as antibiotics, medicines, flavours and food ingredients sustainably, on an industrial scale.

Synthetic biology is an emerging, multidisciplinary area that involves creating novel organisms designed for serving a functional purpose, by engineering them to have new abilities, greatly enhanced from organisms in their natural state. We are proud of the talent and potential of human resources that India can produce, CMESB’s mandate will be to turn them into world-class, high-calibre scientists and professionals armed with the knowledge, skills and passion to propagate disruptive and transformational new technology. We will encourage collaboration and resource-sharing partnerships around the world, to learn, develop and grow.
Today, biotechnology is at the cusp of a technological revolution, as huge advances, such as CRISPER, lower-cost gene sequencing and high-throughput screening, have helped bring down costs, accelerate the pace of experimentation, and generate new forms of data to give us a better understanding of biology. In turn, this can transform every aspect of our lives from Agriculture to Medicine and even address complex, multidimensional problems such as climate change, natural disasters and environmental pollution.

The inspiring life and efforts of the Late C.V Jacob are testimony to the power of this pioneering idea and an enterprising spirit. Aleyamma Jacob, his wife and source of strength, throughout his journey, has been forthcoming in providing the seed capital to fund a Center of Excellence, in his memory. CUSAT has wholeheartedly extended all their support in building the world-class Centre for Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology (CMESB) which will revolutionise the future.