An opinion poll conducted by ABP group in partnership with C-Voter revealed that Pinarayi Vijayan-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) would sweep Assembly elections while BJP once again would fail to make an impact in the election.

According to the survey, the ruling left front most likely to retain the power in the state by winning “somewhere between 83-91 seats in the 140-member Assembly”. Meanwhile, Congress-led UDF might get reduced to 47-55 seats, eight seats higher than its 2016 tally. BJP might once again fail to make any impact in Kerala as it finishes third with chances of securing 0-2 seats. As per the survey, LDF, Congress-led UDF and BJP have seen a 3.4%, 6.2% and 2.2% decline, respectively, in their vote base, compared to the 2016 Assembly polls.

The state is going for the poll on April 6, along with West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Puducherry. It would be a single-day polling in Kerala on April 6 with Counting of votes scheduled for May 2. The last date for filing nomination is March 19 and the date of scrutiny is March 20. The Kerala Legislative Assembly has a total number of 140 seats of which 14 seats are reserved for the Scheduled Castes (SC) and two seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes (ST).

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) and United Democratic Front (UDF) led by Congress have held power in the Kerala alternately over the last 40 years and the survey by ABP says that people of the state are willing to re-elect CM Pinarayi Vijayan for a second consecutive term. Currently Kerala is the only state in the country where the left government is ruling.

A recent survey jointly conducted by C-Fore, a research organisation and a major Malayalam television channel has already predicted a win for the Left Democratic Front (LDF). The pollsters have predicted an LDF win with 72 to 78 seats. The survey has predicted 59 to 65 seats for the UDF and between three and seven seats for NDA. The survey gives 41% vote share to LDF in South Kerala and gives 37% seats in the region. NDA will bag 20% of vote share in South Kerala, according to the survey.