Kochi: In what is termed a revolution in the electric vehicle transportation sector in the state, two new electric vehicles manufactured first ever in Kerala have been launched. Hindustan EV Motors Corporation introduced an electric bike and scooter with high-end technologies that ensure fast charging and long battery life.

Industries Minister P Rajeev and Transport Minister Antony Raju jointly launched the two-wheelers in Kochi on Tuesday. According to Biju Varghese, Managing Director of Hindustan EV Motors Corporation, the Kochi-based startup materialised a dream plan to come up with the initiative by addressing existing concerns in the EV sector such as short battery life and long charging time, by associating with the American company Landi Lanzo. Branded as Landi e Horse and Landi Eagle Jet, the electric bike and scooter respectively are expected to hit the market in April this year. With a loading capacity of 200 kg, the Landi e Horse will get a speed of 100 to 120 kmph in sports mode, whereas the maximum speed of Landi Eagle Jet is 75 kmph. It can travel upto 100 km in on a single charge.

The company claims that Landi Lanzo electric vehicles will take only five to 10 minutes for battery recharging as it utilises the world’s top-notch 5th generation Lithium Titanate Oxinano battery pack and is equipped with a special flash charging mode. If the claims can be believed, this assumes greater significance at a time when existing electric vehicles take 4 to 8 hours for a complete recharge.

“These vehicles will have battery life from 15 to 25 years which is a great achievement and is the first time in the country”, Biju Varghese said. He also ensured that these batteries do not decompose at higher temperatures and thus never catch fire.

While launching the vehicles, Minister P Rajeev said it is proud moment for Kerala. “Apart from stunning design, Kerala brand electric vehicles also address the existing lacuna in the EV sector by ensuring fast charging and long battery life”, he said. Minister Antony Raju termed the venture a milestone in electric vehicle transportation in Kerala.

Hindustan EV Motors Corporation’s manufacturing unit is located in Perumbavoor with a capacity of 850-1500 vehicles per month. The company plans to expand its manufacturing units to other states in the future. “We are receiving an overwhelming response from the public”, Mr. Varghese said. It aims to set up EV hubs in all the cities in Kerala. EV hubs include a sales showroom, service centre, EV charging station, automatic car wash centre, rest room with mini cinema hall, mini super market, and petrol and diesel outlets. Pricing will be announced with the commercial launch of the vehicles in April.