Social media was once again abuzz with Hindu-Muslim hate comments after Shah Rukh Khan posted a black and white picture of himself with a teeka on his forehead. The picture carried a caption: “Prayers and visarjan done… This Ganesh Chaturthi, may Lord Ganesha bestow upon you and your loved ones, blessings and happiness… Ganpati Bappa Morya.” However, many muslims found it offensive that a Muslim worshipped a Hindu deity.

The fans and the hardcore devotees have started comment war soon after he posted the picture on the social media accounts. Some argued that his act is tantamount to ‘Shirk’ which is a major sin in Islam.

“Wallahi akhy I’m highly disappointed and loose respect for him,I started liking him when I was a toddler,but this post keeps me doubting,is SRK really a Muslims, there’s no shirk above worshipping idol in the present of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala,I’m so Sa’ad!”one fan commented.

Hate messages flooded his comment box soon after he posted the picture. However, some fans came in support of him, saying that the act proves that he is a true Indian.

The actor is married to Gouri Khan, a Hindu devotee and the couple has raised their three children in both faiths. The family has seen celebrating almost all the festivals in India without the barriers of religion.

Shah Rukh had explained his religious belief and patriotism in last January on a television show. He has said, “We never spoke about being Hindu or Muslim. My wife is a Hindu, I am a Muslim and my children are Hindustan. When they went to school, they had to write their religion. My daughter came to me once and asked ‘what is our religion?’ I simply wrote in her form that we are Indian, we do not have a religion.”