A pair of eyeglass used by Mahatma Gandhi has fetched an auctioneer an enormous amount through the bid. The glass expected to be auctioned out for around Rs 1.5 crore rupees has fetched Rs 2,55,00,463. Auctioneer Andrew Stowe revealed that somebody popped the glasses into their letterbox and it stayed there for two days without noticing.

A message was found along with the glass that these glasses belonged to Gandhi, give me a call. Andrew told that the owner nearly had a heart attack when they revealed the value of the glasses he brought for auction. The gold-plated spectacles have broken all the auction records in the UK. It is learned that a collector in the US has bought the glasses.

“These are probably the most famous pair of spectacles we’ve ever had and the most important historical item we’ve found,” said Andrew Stowe. The owner has revealed that the glasses had been handed down from generations to generations. One of his relatives received it from Gandhi in 1920 during his visit to South Africa.

The Bristol auction house announced the sale on Friday on Social Media. They described it as an “incredible result for an incredible item”.