If we can trust the words of Nithin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport & Highways, India will have electric cars at the same price as petrol cars in 2023. The newer technologies would help to reduce the cost of the batteries and it eventually results in the price cut of electric vehicles. He was responding to a question raised in the parliament.

Though India is eagerly promoting the use of electric vehicles, its higher price range made it unaffordable for many. The statement by the minister has been a ray of hope for the industry and the people waiting to own an electric vehicle. India is also witnessing a slight price drop in lithium-ion batteries following the more economically developed chemistry of zinc-ion, sodium-ion and aluminium-ion batteries.

The minister informed the parliament that the government is also promoting flex-fuels to curb air pollution. India is also keen to promote hydrogen as the cheapest fuel. In an effort to expedite the shift, he urged the MPs to take initiatives in producing hydrogen from the waste and sewage water.

The government initiatives to focus on much cheaper alternatives of fuel would also help to reduce carbon emissions. Most Indian cities are facing an alarming level of carbon emissions. Even though the minister is optimistic about the reduction in the cost of electric vehicles, the omens like the war in Ukraine and a collapsed economy post-Covid would overshadow the efforts.